Did you know that the tax law itself imposes restrictions on the IRS and others regarding the unauthorized disclosure of your financial and tax records?

The IRS cannot disclose your financial information to third parties. The IRS cannot require disclosure of your credit card statements during an audit.

And, did you know that the IRS will end an audit when you properly use the attorney client privilege?

The attorney-client privilege is a very effective tool to legally defeat an IRS summons.

Additionally, a strategy that most tax professionals have never learned in school or in practice, is that you can use the “black box” strategy to legally and completely deny the IRS access to certain records.

What is the “Black Box” strategy? Developed way back in the nineties, it is our proprietary “secret weapon” against unwanted disclosures.

The court system favors the IRS in requiring the disclosure of your records, even ones you never expected the IRS to want or have the right to obtain; however, the court is powerless to require disclosure of information that “does not exist”.

While your tax is fair game, no other records associated with the preparation of your tax return are within the power of the IRS or the courts to require your disclosure.

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